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Who is Benchmark?

Benchmark International Group was established by the Banschikov Family in 1986 to provide management consulting services. By way of a brief background, the founder, Vas Banschikov came to Australia in 1962 with his parents from China, studied in Australia and qualified as a CPA in 1973.

Benchmark has been established on a foundation of a successful financial and treasury management career with all the corporate governance disciplines required to run a successful business. Benchmark attracts discerning specialists who believe in the directness of the Benchmark approach and are themselves keen to provide honest advice to private and public sectors. Our staff have lived and worked internationally and completed consulting projects in developing and transitional economies including Europe, Central Asia and Asia, Central Pacific, Russia and United States.

We have associated firms internationally and locally, which increases the range of professional skills and services, to offer our clients a multi disciplinary capability, while being highly personal and flexible. Further the association with the local firms improves the understanding of the political economic environment.

Why Engage and Work with Benchmark?

We are different, and better, than our competitors because we have a people and a corporate personality. Further, principals of Benchmark are direct and professional and do not hide in anonymity behind the corporate vial so as to deliver quality outcomes for the client. To make our promise good, we do the following for each project:-

Our approach is always practical and cost effective which brings to the client:-

We achieve the above quality and project implementation outcomes through the following:-