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Funded by the Asian Development Bank, the Government of Uzbekistan is now moving to improve management and monitoring of 287 internationally funded projects by acquiring an already developed aid information management system, ancillary consulting services and staff training, and servers for its implementation to replace current bespoke monitoring systems.
Benchmark is working with the support of national consultant and the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment, and Trade (MFERIT) to review current activities, systems and prepare a Schedule of Requirements to be used in the bid document during the procurement process. MFERIT being the Government’s sole agency for foreign investment and monitoring of all foreign-assisted projects will manage the new system when it has been procured and implemented by the selected contractor.
Part of the need to improve data and management reporting ADB funding includes the procurement of DFMAS (Debt Management and Financial Analysis System) for Ministry of Finance, the Government of Uzbekistan.
MFERIT intends to acquire and implement commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) aid information management system to be referred to as Uzbekistan Projects Management Information System (UPMIS), associated database (DB), operating systems and new servers that will support production, development, consulting services including training, testing and business continuity requirements.
Benchmark has been involved in providing services in Uzbekistan since early 1993 and has in depth knowledge of institutional arrangements. Whilst this is a great basis, each project presents its own challenges. Key constraints include high staff turnover, command approach to management and threats of future reviews to establish guilt and responsibility for failure of past projects impacts on acceptance of new projects and their implementation.

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